Whatcha reading?

Whatcha reading?

Thursday, October 25, 2018

This Will be My Undoing:

It was interesting how the author chose to write this, in stream of consciousness where she talks about things as they come to her and it is all over the place. I am not sure if she intentionally wanted to alienate her readers but she definitely works the shock factor. Everyone who reads the book knows waaay more about her vagina then they wanted...I started the book thinking it was about racism, but once finished was just sort of...lost? I know you can only view the world through your eyes, but a lot of the experiences she has are just human, not because she is black. She is very opinionated and seems to only grabs facts that support her claims (which I guess is normal for a non-scientific read) and you feel like if you don't agree with her, she would continue talking until you did or you would be wrong. I am not sure how I felt walking away from the book, there were some interesting points and I did learn some things, but I guess it wasn't as impactful as it could have been. I felt several chapters took away from the book and could have been omitted.

Orphan Train Rider: Andrea Warren

This was an interesting story of an event in history I didn't know about. Once orphanages started on a large scale and adopting became "acceptable". There was the practice of shipping trains full of orphans to the west to have the children adopted help with farming and housework. The story followed the story of 1 family where the mother died and the 2 eldest children were kicked out of the house and the baby was given to family, the two middle children were put in the orphanage. Once the 2 middle children were getting shipped west, the dad brought the baby and told the older one to keep everyone together. Of course that didn't happen and the 3 boys were given different homes, no one seemed to want the older boy. The people that adopted the older boy did arrange for the brothers to all spend a week together every summer so at least they would still know each other. By the time the entire family got back together the sister, father and one of the three boys(Vietnam) had died. I wish the story was a little bigger as it just provided a speckling of what happened and left me more curious, but the people involved are almost all nearly dead.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Darkness At Noon: Arthur Koestler

A Russian political prisoner spends his time between interrogations using Morris code to talk to his cellmates and thinking back on all the lives he ruined in an attempt to either save himself or for the "good" of the party. He is told of his next mission, that he will die as a scapegoat for the party, though he hasn't done anything wrong really. He does die for the party.

Oroonoko: Aphra Behn

This was an older text I had never heard of about a slave being brought to South America. He was a prince and was betrayed by his own grandfather, who took his love he was going to marry and sold her into slavery, telling Oroonoko she was dead. Years later He was tricked onto a slave boat and he and his men became slaves. By chance he was sold to the same area as his love and they met up, they were both still mourning each other. They get together though they are still slaves and he kills his love and unborn child so they won't lie in slaver, they tries to kill the slavers, but is tortured to death.

Games of Thrones, The Noble Houses of Westeros

This was a guide to the major families in game of thrones, where they were located, what they contributed to the kingdom and included a family tree. It was pretty interesting, but the latest seasons have changed the trees a bit.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Find You in the Dark: Nathan Ripley

This was an original and thrilling! I especially loved the line about the types of creeps, some write scary books, some commit murders etc, as I have wondered how thriller writers can come up with such stuff :P Although I read them, so I guess that also puts me in that category. Since retiring early, a man has started looking into old murder cases with the help of a cop who sells him interviews the police have had with the killers. With this information he is able to find where the young girls (victims) bodies are and gives the families some closure. As the story progresses you learn the protagonist is a bit creepy himself. He stalked his wife (and has a police file for doing the same to some girls n school)before marrying her because her sister was the victim of one of the serial killers he is working to uncover the victims. His good deeds make him the target of a serial killer as he uncovers the body of a fresh murder on top of the victim he was unburying. Unknown to the police 2 decades ago, the killer they sent to jail was working with a partner who has been quiet until now. The protagonist's daughter is kidnaped by the killer and he does end up killing 2 men in trying to keep his family safe.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Greetings from Colorado: JC Leacok

This was a collection of historical facts and a travel guide for Colorado. I learned a lot and have a list of places I now want to visit.