Whatcha reading?

Whatcha reading?

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Tarot Workshop: Suzanne Corbie

This was a great beginners guide to tarot. It went through the meaning of each card and provided several exercises with getting the messages to stick and how to interpret the cards further on a personal level.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Sepulchre: Kate Mosse

This was a book that sort of tested the idea that time is linear. The book is set in two time periods and follows the same family through tragedy and finding peace mixed with a little mysticism. The time periods are connected no only by family blood, but by tarot cards which seem to evoke the devil who is more of a protector of the good than the character we think of today. In the 1800s a boy falls in love with his widowed aunt and is killed in a duel with her ex-lover after they are stalked for months. The murderer leaves the country with the intent to come back and finish the rest of the family, but he is taken out by the devil after the man's sister seeks help within the tarot cards. Modern day- a young woman is looking into a man of importance as a journalist and finds the cards starting the cycle all over again. She survives with the help of a man who is able to exist in both times and assists both women.

The Seven Daughters of Eve: Bryan Sykes

This was a fascinating book that luckily spends the first portion teaching about DNA ( or I would have been completely lost) I love the journey to discovery and how there are so many people working on the same idea that come to the same conclusions even though there are many areas of thought. There are actually 33 clans, though he speaks about 7. Very interesting read if you are into genealogy and science.