Whatcha reading?

Whatcha reading?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breathing Lessons: Anne Tyler

Amusing characters in a story about getting older and worrying about an empty nest and how to deal with the future. The character Maggie is annoying, but at the same time you pity her. This story also accurately compared how differently men and women handle things.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Pearl in the Storm: Tori Murden McClure

Not only is this book very interesting, but her determination makes the reader want to strive for more in their own life. The book is about one woman's journey across the Atlantic in a row boat. As I was reading I kept thinking, the storm would have done me in, if I made it through that, the sharks would have done me in etc. I would have been scared to death every single day, yet she uses the time to reflect on her life and think about what brought her to this moment. Very Inspiring, very amazing. At one point I was relieved she actually called for help because I was getting stressed out, though I wanted her to make it. A very uplifting, good read about actually living life.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Come A Stranger: Cynthia Voigt

A coming of age teen story about realizing racism as well as the difficulties of finding yourself when growing up.

Cherry Bomb: J A Konrath

Wow, I was wrong about the death at the end of the other book. This book was even better than the rest. I am now curious about what happens in the last two...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fuzzy Navel: J A Konrath

I knew Alex Kork would be making a return when she was kept alive in the last book. Even though that was predictable, having her show up in the first chapter was not. Another great suspenseful story. I didn't understand how Kork was like a new character- she met Jack's boyfriend in the last novel, but it is presented as new to her in this book. I am annoyed that Alex is still loose at the end of this book. I am almost certain that the death was Jack's mom, that way Harry and Jack don't have to be civil like siblings. I was originally thinking it was Latham, but he never had any smart comments for Alex.

Dirty Martini: J A Konrath

Another action packed, fantasic book. I finished the book not understanding why Jason Alger was chosen...did I miss something? That loose end is bothering me...

Rusty Nail: J A Konrath

I love these books! So much happens with the various characters in so few pages. Konrath has really mastered the art of storytelling. I really did not like the character of Holly in this story, she seemed predicatable, but then she wasn't, then she becomes the person you thought she'd be and you are shocked. I enjoyed the cleverness of adding this character and reread the book to see it with the new twist. I love how many different scenes and ideas are incorporated into each book, but loathe how expendable the characters are, though it adds to the sense of disbelief and unpredictability. The book ended without saying how Phin was, just that he survived. I like that character :(

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whacked: Jules Asner

Funny read. not sure if whacked was supposed to refer to the murder, the protagonist, her movie or all three. Very original book making fun of life in Hollywood, similar to Star Island by Carl Hiaasen.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yes, My Darling Daughter: Margaret Leroy

Interesting story. The tone is very cold and factual, but still invites you to read. It was interesting how she structured the story, it went from child with problems, where the parent is embarrassed and obsessed with her child's behavior to a mystery and happy ending.

Bloody Mary: J A Konrath

Even better than the first book, Konrath brings back his lovable characters with a completely different murder theme. Half way through the book the investigation is solved, which leaves you wondering what happens in the rest of the story and why it is titled Bloody Mary. The number of deaths in this story is very disturbing, though it adds to the shock factor, you never predict the next move.

Whiskey Sour: J A Konrath

Very clever novel, I really enjoyed the humor and the story, it was unpredictable and original. Have started the search for the rest of the series. The male author really made a funny and believable female protagonist.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aunt Dimity, Paranormal Detective: Nancy Atherton

One of those cutsie unbelievable books when half of the little occurrences are unrealistic. Geared towards older women for light entertainment? I had trouble getting through the first story, it was a little pointless to me and the characters were boring. You knew Will was going to play Prince Charming yada yada, but a coworker suggested the series, which I had already requested from the library, so I plowed on. The second story was better, but I still didn't like the characters and it was also predictable. Even though the writer is not English, it struck me as very English-woman style writing. The series should be retitled "Aunt Dimity matchmaker".

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I Thought I Knew: Alice Eve Cohen

This story is actually a memoir about an infertile woman having a transgender baby. I loved how honest she is, she doesn't try to make herself look like a perfect person in this situation, you hear all her fears and her fear talking. A very good book full of surprises.

The Wolves of Andover: Kathleen Kent

An ok book, felt like it was written more for teenagers than adults with a predictable plot. The ending just sort of stopped and didn't seem complete. I wasn't able to get into it and it seemed to take a while to finish.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Breathless: Dean Koontz

Hilarious book and very quotable, some of my favorites; "Nothing moved...until something did" "He washed the dishes. This would have to be an annoyance that he would have to tolerate until he found a woman to keep in the potato cellar" "Henry gained confidence from the fact that his underwear remained dry" "She had never treated a duck. She didn't know how ducks thought or if they thought much at all. The duck was a distraction. To hell with the duck."

The Vet and the man with Merlin were amusing, it was hard to take the book seriously and be scared with all the added humor. They had unidentifiable creatures crawling into their lap and sofa and all the while they are bickering on what to name them. Henry thinks his dead brother is alive and stalking him, yet he can't stop thinking about all the women he will enslave in the potato cellar. "He thought about how cozy he would feel on a winter night, going to bed here in the house, with the knowledge that in the barn were penned and shackled a herd of beautiful women, with perhaps a barn cat to keep them company." It's just all so random and bizzarre, but very entertaining.

The Garden of Last Days: Andre Dubus

As fantastic as House of Sand and Fog. His character development is amazing, I enjoy how he brings the characters together and then drifts them apart. I was expecting a horrific ending as in House of Sand and Fog and received one, though not in the form I was expecting. Great read I was sad to finish it and was surprised on how sad and meaningless the ending was, though everyone got on with their lives.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Stars Shine Down: Sidney Sheldon

My first book by this author and was recommended by a friend. A few chapters in I was disheartened since I am not into architecture or city life, but the story became intriguing and I was hooked. The author developed the characters to be both mysterious and likable. You know something terrible is going to happen to the protagonist since she creates so many enemies, but hope it turns out all right. A very enjoyable read and much different than what I have been reading.

Don't You Forget About Me: Jancee Dunn

One of those pointless cute books to fill a couple hours. A woman gets divorced and moves back in with her parents when she is in her thirties and takes a new look at life. The story is not only about how your parents reclaim their lives once you move out turning into people you don't know, but also about moving on with life. The character is stuck in her high school days. The story line is sort of confusing how it flashes back to seemingly pointless events and then continues in present day. The plot was easy predicted in the first few chapters though nothing really happens, it seemed like more of a teen read than geared for adults.

Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal: Christopher Moore

Hilarious, but perverted though still an entertaining read. The story recovers the lost 30 years of Christ' s childhood in an amusing way.