Whatcha reading?

Whatcha reading?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Humans: Matt Haig

I loved this book! It centers around an alien that has come to earth to hide evidence that a mathematical hypothesis is solvable because it would greatly change the universe if humans had this knowledge. The mathematician and the person he shared his findings with are killed by the alien, but along the way, the alien falls in love with the mathematician's wife and son and isn't able to terminate them. He actually saves the son after a suicide attempt. The book continues and you realize we all feel a little alien sometimes and that life is precious, savor the moments.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Turbo Twenty-Three:Janet Evanovich

Another typical Plum novel, she ruins a car, gets an ice cream truck blown up and sleeps with Ranger. In this one, the local ice cream company has a robbery and one of the human relations people winds up frozen and dipped in chocolate and nuts to resemble one of their ice cream bars. Stephanie helps Ranger uncover the culprit. Mean while Lulu drags grandma into her making of "Naked and afraid".

The Radleys: Matt Haig

This was hilarious! It is a vampire book for adults without being a fantasy or romance novel. A family of "abstaining" vampires live in the city and try to fit in so they can raise their two children to be "normal" children. But the daughter decides to become vegetarian and has a break down where she drinks a boy to death. The parents then have to confess that they are vampires and call in the Father's brother, who is a typical vampire villain, to help clean up the mess. It was a very enjoyable read and hard to put down as the family and situation gets more complicated. It sort of pokes fun of the Twilight series and laughed out loud thinking " and WHY do they have to fly??" A++

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Lucky You: Carl Hiaasen

This was another hilarious book by Hiaasen. Two rednecks win the Florida lottery, but are aghast to discover someone else won too. They decide they are not going to share their winnings and rob the other winner of her ticket after shooting one of her turtles. The story continues on a chase where the woman comes after the white supremacists and gets back not only her ticket, but through a series of events also ends up with theirs. She buys a wetland and makes it into a nature preserve to save the turtles.

A Case of Need: Michael Crichton

Abortion is illegal and when Art, a well known abortionist, is arrested everyone is in disbelief. The medical community knows Art is being the scape goat, but no one wants to get involved at risk of soiling their name. An important person in the medical community's daughter bleeds to death from a botched abortion. While investigating the crime the narrator finds out the girl wasn't even pregnant. In the end, through many twists and turns, we find out the girl had a history of psychological issues and her roommate, who was a nurse, did the "abortion".

Monday, August 7, 2017

Salem's Lot: Stephen King

Creepy. An older couple of men move into town and set up an antique business about the same time children start disappearing. No one sees the partner in the antique business and questions start being asked. Then some of the people that have disappeared start visiting their family and friends at night, hovering outside their windows. Soon most of the town has turned to Zombies and two men with the help of a little boy try to save the survivors. Dun dun dun...

The Zombie Survival Guide: Max Brooks

This was both entertaining and a sort of survival guide in you can use some of the tips for ACTUAL crises. Parts of it had me laughing because the author comes across so serious, as if the Zombie Apocalypse is an actual possibility. There are sections on weapons, on determining who is a zombie and who isn't, and where to seek shelter. It was an entertaining read that I recommend!

The Women in the Castle: Jessica Shattuck

This was interesting and I understood what the author was doing, but the jumping back and forth between so many characters as the story progresses and then flashes back, was difficult to follow and took away from the story. There were three main characters, but then you had to keep track of their husbands and siblings and children. The story follows three women who were wives of Nazi resisters who were murdered for their plot of trying to kill Hitler. The main character Marianne was tasked with finding the wives and keeping them from harm. She then lives with two very different women throughout the war keeping them and their sons, as well as her own fatherless children, safe. The situation and experiences are very real and you are swept up into their lives up until present day where amends are made to the survivors.