Whatcha reading?

Whatcha reading?

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Complete Book on Divination: Richard Webster

I really liked the explanation and variety of divination tools that aren't very well known and the numerology section was very informative.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Color Medicine: Charles Klosche

Fascinating idea in holistic healing goes over the success of both color healing- using colors aimed at ailments and the sound/ note/ frequency that could be used instead of or with color healing. I also talked about sun signs/ horoscope and how it could hint at each person's vitamin deficiency.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Angels; how to see, hear and feel your angels: Kyle Gray

This was a comforting book letting you know you are never alone and when desperate you can always ask for help in your life. This book was full of meditations and affirmations as well as stories about angles and the different levels of angelic beings present.

Reiki Workhop; Phillip Permutt

This was a very short audio book about setting up a healing room and different ways to use reiki not just on another person. It went over bringing positive energy to a space, animals, plants and directing reiki to your own chakras when needed. Super interesting.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Discovering the Healer Within: Anysia Marcell Kiel

I loved this approach to healing- mind/ body/ spirit and that one has to do it for themselves, but others can send energy to help. This book was set up in the format of a story from experience, then instructions on how to try something similar yourself. There is also a section at the end for cleaning up the energy in your house. " I clear and release anything other than the highest vibration of love" I liked that you do everything out of love instead of trying to meddle and fix as you want to and think may be best.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Simply Color Theory: Nina Ashby

This was an amazing book for me, having never heard of anything like this (well other then like fen shui) I was super intrigued! this book spoke about what colors to paint different rooms and to wear when you are feeling certain ways since color affects mood and temperature- red socks will keep your feet warm. It gives exercises for going through your closet and figuring out if you have an aversion to certain colors and how to address that. it explains auras and what each color means for a past life as well as a candle exercise for learning to see auras. Super interesting as it is a small book, but packed full of knowledge.

The Chakra System: Anodea Judith

This was a fabulous book. It spoke about chakras and how it relates to illness, childhood trauma, how it ties with other enlightenment practices and had a meditation for each chakra as well as several meditations at the end.

Chakra Breathing Meditations: Layne Redmond

This was a really fun listen to, I liked the marching meditation and that is really what made this audiobook stand out- see what I did there? :P

Chakras for Beginners: Naomi

This was my first book on chakras and I found it interesting, it does just got over the basics on each one and then lists an exercise. Things included; color, location, images, and a short story of each. It's a good little book