Whatcha reading?

Whatcha reading?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Comes a Horseman: Robert Liparulo

Two FBI agents are called to investigate a string of murders where a seemingly random selection of people have been attacked by dogs and then decapitated. They then find themselves as the next to be stalked and both narrowly survive the attacks. They uncover a centuries old cult who believes they need to follow the antichrist to become powerful. A psychopath leads them to believe he is the antichrist and sets out to murder people who claim to have died and seen hell and people who get in his way. In the end the cult "the watchers" have a gathering and they are able to kill the "antichrist" before he continues his murdering rampage.

Unhooked: Lisa Maxwell

This was a teen book loosely based on the story of Peter Pan. A girl grows up with her mother constantly moving her as though they are running away from something. They have just moved to a new flat in London and Gwen's only friend Olivia is helping them get settled. The landlord tells them they must leave the lamps burning all night, but Gwen can't sleep with it and decides to turn it down, Instead she puts it out and they are kidnapped by dark creatures. I couldn't help but picture the monkey's from "The Wizard of Oz" though that's not what how they were described. The dark beasts drop them in "Neverland" Where nothing is like the fairytale. Gwen falls in love with "Captain Hook" who is but a boy himself and Peter Pan is the villain who brought them to Neverland to suck up their souls to become more powerful. Gwen realizes she is part Fey and uses her new powers (after removing a rune her mother placed in her arm to keep her from using her power at home) to free the Queen of Neverland. The queen is more villainous that Peter Pan. Olivia, who has spent her time there in a fog, kills the queen who attempted to kill Captain hook, who killed the fey Fiona, who killed Peter Pan, who was taking Gwen's soul. The queen turns Olivia into porcelain before she dies and Gwen is unable to take her back home, but takes Captain hook instead. Back at home, the girls have been gone for over a year and there doesn't seem to be much concern over Olivia, but Captain hook is given a new identity and the story pretty much ends happily ever after.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Whirl Wind: Robert Liparulo

This was book 5 of the series. David and Xander discover they can go from 1 world to another by following portals without going back to the house. They go to the Civil War world and get the doctor they were asked to get the first time and in doing so rewrite history. Evidently the war is shortened by saving a wounded man. They then go into a portal taking them to a torture chamber, and then to an ancient world where battles are fought on elephants. They make it home alive, but then are taking to Atlantis and sold into slavery before escaping and making it back to the house,

Frenzy: Robert Liparulo

This was the sixed book of the dreamhouse series. This one starts with a prologue where Xander goes to the world where Jesse is still a kid and tells Jesse David was stabbed by Taksidian. Xander is able to protect David with a metal shield type deal and David survives. They also find the mom and shoved Taksidian back into the portal. The book ends as though there could be more, but it does provide closure if there aren't anymore.

Monday, March 6, 2017

House of Dark Shadows: Robert Liparulo

This was the first of the Dream House Kings series. The King family with children Alexander, David, and Victoria are uprooted by their father on a whim. He has gotten a job as the school principal. The move to a town in the middle of nowhere, where the dad finds a house that is not on the market. The kids realize this creepy house is the reason dad moved them all. He had lived there as a boy and the house had taken his mother. He moved back after his father died to find his mom. before the book ends, the house takes his wife.

Timescape: Robert Liparulo

this was the 4th of the Dreamhouse Kings series. In this book, they are able to keep their grandma, who they found in the civil war world by substituting another body into the worlds. This didn't make sense to me- if there needs to be the same number of people in the world that it started out with, taking a body from the future and leaving in on the titanic world, still leaves an empty spot where they took grandma, let alone the mismatched numbers between worlds. Jesse gets attached by Taksidian, who cuts off Jesse's finger. Taksidian thinks Jess is dead...because he cut off a finger?? David visits Jesse in the hospital and Jesse tells David to stay with his brother and visit him. David and Alexander find the world where Jesse is a boy. Jesse's brother and father are building the house that The Kings will live in. Evidently Jesse's father and older brother spend all their time making sure people return to the world they came out of and that all the stuff that came from each world returns. I didn't understand how these portholes then end up on the third floor of the house...before the house was built were people falling out of the porthole in the sky? The boys are now obsessed with saving the world so it doesn't end up like the future world they entered. The boys seem to have a lot of fun playing around in the worlds, when you'd think they'd be looking for their mom. At the end of this book both David and Xander are in Taksidian's house and have found the remains of a lot of bodies. These books are getting cornier, but 2 more to go.