Whatcha reading?

Whatcha reading?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rainbow Six: Tom Clancy

This seemed like a never-ending book- it is fast paced and a lot happens, but it just felt difficult to keep up with, they are on a hijacked plane, now that are with hostages in a bank. Then there is another story that eventually joins up where people are experimenting with homeless people. The book is about a group created by NATO- Rainbow Six, who consists of a person from every country. It was interesting how it came together- not your "typical" terrorist.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Summons: John Grisham

The eldest son of a judge is beckoned home to a dying father. When he gets there he finds his father already dead. The story is interwoven between the protagonist reminiscing about his childhood and being chased by someone after finding $3 million in his father's closet. The story continued to build and we learn the little brother was a drug addict and has been given millions of dollars from the father through the years. SPOILIER- the brother "assisted" in the father's death and wrote a new will leaving everything to his boys. The little brother found the money first and wanted to see if the eldest brother would divide it up equally or keep it for himself.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Virgin's Knot: Holly Payne

This was a fantastic book, but ended so sadly. Characters kept being introduced while the story progressed and eventually they all met up. A young girl, Nurdane, loses her mother when she is born and is taught by her father to weave after she gets polio. Her father kept preaching to her and the townsmen that her hands were a gift from Ali. He wanted to make sure she would have a way to support herself after he passed away since no one would probably marry her. Her weavings become famous in town and are thought to be magical and blessed. Her doctor falls in love with her and though she doesn't know, she believes he sees her as he wants to- her fixed and walking, instead of who she actually is. Then a man, Hennessey, comes in search of the goddess he believes used to be worshipped in Turkey and falls in love with Nurdane. She befriends him and shows him a cave with the goddess markings. Nurdane confesses to him that she wishes Allah had not given her the gift of weaving, but had instead made her whole so she could marry. The whole town seems to know the doctor is marrying her and that the rug she is working on is actually for her. Nurdane does not know and when Hennessey learns of it he is upset that she is being given away like livestock. On the morning of the weddings, Nurdane gives her hand back to Allah, what I don't understand is if she realized she would bleed to death or if she thought she would live without it...