Whatcha reading?

Whatcha reading?

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Baby Thief: The Untold STory of Georgia Tamm:Barbara Bisantz Raymond

This book uncovered the corruption of adoptions a generation ago and how one woman got away with stealing and abusing children and then selling them into adoption. The impact is so huge that families are still facing dead ends when trying to find one another.

Girl Last Seen; Nina Lauren

This was a creepy turn of events/ you didn't see it coming mystery thriller. A woman was kidnapped and she is still haunted psychologically but the event and the man whom she never saw. while working at a grocery store, trying to get her life in order she learns another girl has been kidnapped who looks like she did and is the same age she was when she was taken. She learns the little girl is actually her daughter who she gave up for adoption as it was her rapist/kidnapper's child. The story twists where her daughter's adopted father was therapist and his wife hide the girl because she realized he was raping her.

Being A Dad is Weird: Ben Falcone

This book was hilarious. It was not only a tribute to Ben's Father, but to his daughters giving him the gift of fatherhood. The book is a collection of stories of his father and growing up as well as the funny things that have happened to him as a dad. A great book to cheer you up and appreciate parents.

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

This book was spot on and extremely helpful with dealing with growing up with someone who you spend your life trying to please. Very therapeutic!

The Burgler who counted the Spoons: Lawrence Block

This was the first book I have read of this author and I LOVED it. It was witty and entertaining. I must admit, as soon as it was revealed that the client collected buttons, I knew he had stolen the one off Mrs. Oscar Myers' coat- but nothing was force fed to you. The protagonist wrapped everything up in the end (It was in one of those atmospheres where the thief/ murder must tell all and how they did it. A bookstore owner who is a burglar on the side gets a proposition to steal a manuscript from a museum. After being successful he gets a few more jobs from the same man, who is obsessed with anything related to buttons. There are a lot of funny conversations and happenings throughout, but at the end he sort of rights his wrongs. One person keeps the stolen goods, one gets their stolen spoon back and another gets sent to a museum.

Monday, September 3, 2018

The Secret Scripture: Sebastian Barry

I actually had never heard of this book and came across the Movie, which struck a chord in me like Gone With the wind and The Thornbirds. The movie was powerful because of the depth of desire in the characters, I searched out the book and read it in two days assuming it would be even more powerful than the movie...but it was basically a different story, the only thing remaining the same was the woman was in a mental institution and her son was her doctor. I don't understand why everything was changed so much. The story takes place during the Irish Civil war. A girl of about 12, Rose, is sitting with her father, the undertaker at Father Gaunt's church, when 3 boy bring in a dead by, who is on of their brother's. Rose is told to fetch Father Gaunt, who is upset because he doesn't know what to do. Then some soldiers barge in and take the boys, who believe Rose ratted them out. When Rose is 16, her mother goes insane and her father is killed, but she repressed what happened and believes he committed suicide. Father Gaunt comes to her with a proposition that she marry Mr Brady, who took over her father's job before he was demoted to rat catcher and is about 50 yrs old. Rose refuses. Rose finds work with a Quaker woman who owns the Café Cairo and she meets and falls in love with a musician, Tom, whose Parents both work at the insane asylum. He has 2 brothers, who both evidently love her. One of the boys from the night in the cemetery shows up and for a reason unknown to her, she meets him- thinking she could reminisce about her dad since he knew him. He tells her he is going to have his son, who is 15 watch over her. Father Gaunts comes upon them talking and assumes she was having relations with him. Father Gaunt and Tom's brother Jack null Tom's marriage and she never sees him again. She lives in a tin shed for a while and one day Tom's brother Eneas shows up and they have sex, Rose conceives, but never sees him again. She goes to Tom's parents when she is ready to have the baby, but they turn her out and later put her in the asylum. Rose gives birth on the walk home and when she awakens, cannot find the baby. The Doctor realizes the man who took the baby(himself) and put him in the orphanage is the janitor and the Rebel's son who was sent to watch over her. After watching the movie, the book seems sort of hollow with minimal character development.

Why My Third Husband will be a Dog;Lisa Scottoline

This was a funny collection of stories or rather musings and observances on life. She includes her daughter as a guest writer at times.