Whatcha reading?

Whatcha reading?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Romola: George Eliot

I wasn't sure how to feel at the end. I think it was supposed to be a happy ending, but I was still irritated with Tito and the blood on his hands. It was a wonderful story, I only searched for it because it was mentioned in another book I had read. I like George Eliot and will now make a point to read all of her books, since I didn't realise she had so many.- Ok back to the book, A young woman (Romola) lives with her father who has gone blind. Her brother is "dead" though later in the book we learn he became part of the church and was disinherited for that move, he does die shortly after being introduced. Romola is raised believing she is less important than her brother (takes place in Florence in 1492) and falls in love quickly. At first we believe Tito is a decent fella, but then like the city around them, everything falls apart. Tito finds out his adoptive father has become a slave and chooses not to rescue him. He then "marries" a simple child (Tessa) and has two children with her while married to Romola. He sells the most important thing to Romola, her father's books, after the father dies and acts like he doesn't recognize his own father when he escapes slavery. - Fast forward Tito becomes a traitor and is responsible for the hanging of Romola's god father and the town priest in exchange for saving his own hide. He is killed by his stepfather in the end and Romola ends up taking care of Tessa and the two children. Obviously there is more to the story than that, symbolism and the like. A really good story if you like oldies, but goodies.

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